shooting stars.


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      They’d known each other for so long — practically their entire lives. Kurotsuchi couldn’t even begin to put a finger on how they met, or how they became friends, but all that mattered was that they were in each other’s lives now.

                       The pair of them were inseparable.
                                     They were the best of friends.

      A duo that left a storm to wreak havoc in their wakes, and, as always, they would erupt into a bout of laughter after whatever shenanigans they had just pulled.

      Some days, they dragged Akatsuchi along with them, but on most days, it was just the two of them.

                                                Just Deidara and Kurotsuchi.

      They knew one another just as well as they knew themselves, if not better. Their little habits, quirks, everything. One glance, and an entire conversation could have been shared. One glance, and the two of them could have been scheming to take over the village. It was almost as if they could read each other’s minds, but they just knew other that well.

                                         They had been the very best of friends.

      And as kids, on a nights after returning to the village after a long and hard mission, the two of them would climb up to the roof of the Tsuchikage’s residence, lie on their backs, and they would look up at the clear night sky to admire the stars and the moon. Iwa had always had beautiful skies, at night or in daylight.

      Kurotsuchi would raise an arm and point a finger at a constellation she had spotted, and Deidara would do the same until it became a competition for who could spot the most constellations (and actual constellations, not just a random bunch of stars that could have passed off as something). In the end, they’d only laugh and sigh out as their giggles faded, and they would lie in silence once more.

      On one particularly beautiful night when the full moon hung brightly in the sky, when Kurotsuchi was a few months shy of fourteen and Deidara had celebrated his fifteenth just a few months before, they were — as was their tradition — resting at the top of the Tsuchikage’s building. Kurotsuchi’s onyx eyes were pinned to the skyline with her arms resting comfortably beneath her head while Deidara, on the other hand, sat upright with his legs crossed.

      That night had been one of Kurotsuchi’s favorites. She had spotted a shooting star painting the deep indigo sky, hurriedly sitting up to repeatedly pat at Deidara’s arm to grab his attention.

      Look!  she had said, her voice an excited whisper. Deidara-nii! It’s a shooting star! Quick, quick! Make a wish! 

      And so they did.

      Both of them had their eyes shut tight. Etched across girl’s face was a wide, enthusiastic grin. Corners of her mouth peeled back with pearly whites visible to the world. By the time they opened their eyes, the shooting star had vanished.

       What’d you wish for, Deidara-nii? 

       It won’t come true if I tell you, you moron.

      Aw, c’mon! No one really thinks that crap is true. Tell me! I’ll tell you my wish, then. Fair trade? 

      ‘Guess so. But you go first, un! You’re the one who wants to know, so it’s only fair if you tell first. 

      Fine! That silly grin of hers had returned, along with a contented expression. Y'know, when the old man finally decides to retire, I'm probably gonna be Tsuchikage. I wished that…that I'd end up bein' a good leader. Way better than Gramps. Bein' Tsuchikage's been my dream, Dei. I wanna do a good job. That was my wish. To be a good leader. The best this world's seen!

      The blond almost laughed. Not a laugh of mockery, or one that would have said that he didn’t have faith in her. No, if he had laughed, it would have been one of quiet amusement. It would have been one that had been amused at her wish; he knew that she’d be a good fit for the job.

      Yeah? Well, my wish was to be the leader of the Explosion Corps. I’m the best guy in there, hm. I’ve always liked those guys. Thought they were really cool. Being their leader..that’d be somethin’. 

      Really? Well, I’m sure you’ll be their leader in no time, Deidara-nii! Like you said, you’re the best. 

      Their conversations were always so free and easy. They spoke of their dreams and hopes and ambitions for much longer that night, telling elaborate stories of what they’d do once in position, to which, again, would end up in their laughter filling the cool, evening air. They were casual with one another — their relationship was smooth and easy like a gentle stream. There were no secrets, no walls.

      Even with walls up, they’d know when something was up. They were close, after all.

      And little did Kurotsuchi know, that would probably be the very last time she ever saw one of Deidara’s quick, genuine, and easy-going smiles.

      They’d spoken of their dreams and their happiness, but the road ahead was a path paved for hardships.

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Mama mia that’s a spicy meatball…

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irukas: [braiding his hair]

    “How many times have I told you dolphin man I only like french braids and you always do the generic ugly one, hm.”

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                    oh, it’s you

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      heyyy guys long time no talk! —hopefully today i can channel my inner dei and rp some! miss you guys!

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"I would describe myself as a human being who could not become a complete puppet, I am an unfinished puppet, whose lifeless frame still contains a beating heart at its core. I am neither dead, nor am I alive."

What's your purpose.

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+ Sasori had been staring at his dismembered, charred puppet for well over five minutes now, though he wasn’t particularly thinking of anything. His mind was empty, numb, as his eyes lay upon his hard work gone to ruin.

Naturally, Sasori thought, there were few in Akatsuki capable of commiting arson. However, there was only one who would actually be willing to step foot into Sasori’s quarters and sabotage his art.

Thus, the blame for the incident fell on Deidara. His partner, Sasori thought, had been acting out of line for several days now, as he recalled it. The teasing, the name-calling, the talking back - that was all common for Deidara. But this? The younger man had an ego far too large for his short body, and, specially for this occasion, Sasori decided it was time to knock it down a few notches. 

Grabbing the singed arm of his once beautiful work of art, Sasori made his way to Deidara’s quarters, where he found the blond’s door closed and locked. The scorpion tried jiggling knob, but it was to no avail. 

Suddenly, there was a crash from behind the door, and something Sasori assumed was his partner saying, “Hold on, I’m busy.”


I don’t care.

And with that, Sasori’s foot met the door with brute force. The door slammed open, hitting the wall with a whack, most likely leaving a dent in the process. Not that it mattered, anyway, because now that Sasori had gained entrance there was probably more damage to follow.

There was a looming silence between the two Akatsuki member’s as Sasori’s doll-like eyes bore deep through Deidara’s own with a hate-filled glare.

I’d like you to explain why this," Sasori said, holding up the ruined puppet arm, "Looks more like a piece of charcoal than a puppet I’d worked on for weeks. Don’t drag out your response.

The blonds head whipped toward the harsh sound of a the door behind him opening harshly. His shocking stare met with a very angered redhead, with a familiar stare that he’d always given Deidara no matter what situation they were in… but this time it was different. 

Looking down at what his partner grasped in his hands, a rush of guilt fell over the blond bomber like a wave as he remembered the incident from when it happened. Damn —he thought the puppet wouldn’t notice due to the large number of puppets he already had; I mean what was one less stupid piece of wood such a big deal. 

He leaned an arm against the chair and continued casually with a low tone like it was no big deal, because to him it wasn’tLook, it was an accident okay, shit happens. Just make another one or something why don’t you, hm?”

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BACK FROM HIATUS! now on semi-hiatus.
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