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"I have counted twenty seven instances in the last week. Thirteen were directed at me, 7 were under your breath when you assumed I was not within hearing range, and four were in complaint to other members."

    The blond sank his face into the collar of his cloak, not denying the fact that this was probably true. Still sore and stubborn toward the Uchiha, he mumbled lowly “—well maybe if you didn’t suck so much I wouldn’t have to remind you, yeah.”

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the pixiv user deleted this art’s log.

so it’s been like—- four months since i remade amai’s blog and begun this one, i already hit 700+ and that’s making me cry a little right now. [ builds a nest and places all of you there. ] my sweet children.

there’s so many new people that i met on this blog and really few old ones that have been with me since amaidesu ( war flashbacks ) and that makes me kinda nostalgic tbh. nonetheless everyone i’ve met so far is so nice and funny and i just want to shove you all on my pocket and feed you chocolate. 8”|

you guys are great and i love to creepily stare at y’all from the distance (⊙‿⊙✿) so here is my ff thing. finally. i’m not gonna do the bold and italics thingy thing bc i’m lazy ( also the reason of why it isn’t in order and i just threw the urls there ) and i’d put all of the urls in bold bc each one of you are important even if i may have not interacted a lot with some of you.

ao no exorcist A+ rpers.

heartofthevillage, tsuinteeru, hyacinth-o, behemith, frxudulentikxros, rinokumxra, mischievousmonarchyxkio, gehennas-jester, signat.

some hella rad ocs

mxnuo, inmxrtalis, contritiio, seniki, discordare, ardentesvoix, deadlyknives, filiaemortem

other hella fandoms

hxrime, vindicious, sensei-nise, ushirokara, cuarrto, prefections, lastlivingpotter, antenoru, ilcavalliere, vitaire, dualcorruption, candysensei, yoruxchi, black-bladed, erkiengill, memoraux, grxmm, clawsoflust, egbxrt, xkiritsu, jibaku-bunshin, shxzuo, sollertis, aureolinshogun, naivefacades, peumenteur, elusiverose, integered, venatorx, soteriax, auspicis, hiistrio, thousandbirds, irukas, strawberrysakura, fractumnexus, naru-uzumaki, teme-kun, meowgito, crimsonbellator, bakasuke-prince, yukidomarii, ikidomarii, cvo1, kaga-mine, junomanic, cxnscia , ryuuazure, calisvol, valorousx, rapusodosu, singinghomo, vakonktra, aureusalchimia, justidefectum, sciath, sensei-nise, keyblxde, disputationix, reginapedes, siightless, iimpius, yato-noragami, jasutisudamnmarino, rexmoriens, neuroloxiasstraydog, hoshigumiafro, paleae-hat, rnover, vxmpirus, telagerit, xprofeta, fiirefly, @incredible-zim.

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Good. Opacho grabs the bottom of Deidara’s cloak and tugs it lightly, gesturing for him to follow her to a low table that had a few plates, teacups and half of a strawberry short cake situated in the middle.

     Surprisingly he smiled gently, allowing Opacho to win this time. What’s the worst that could happen he thought —but thought too soon. The Akatsuki followed her light pull, eyes lifted toward the small table with icky cute teacups and fluffy animals surrounding it. Immediately the expression on Deidara’s face dropped, turning pale he whispered “aw hell no,”


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Anonymous: i'd love u if u remove that godamn high pony like its the ugliest hairstyle

          “You know, I was actually thinking about getting my hair cut, but now that you said you’d like better that way I’m going to keep it like this, yeah.”

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psa i’m changing my name to small art infidel 

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